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Cm_a -The Content Lab- Well Researched, Original Contents - For Web Site, Business Mail, Newsletter, Blog, Press Release, Slogan, Advertising Creative & PR Consulting.AD- Films & Corporate Film Making.

Success Makers offers their clients the services of an in-house professional Web Content, Business Mail, Newsletter, Blog, Press Release, Slogan, Advertising Creative  for business.

Building a successful commercial web site, business mail, newsletter, blog, press release and advertising creative is more than simply developing an eye-catching and well-organized design or a catchy slogan; most of the time, it's the copy on a site or advertising that sells a service or product.  If the copy describing said products or services is poorly written or ineffective, web site visitors and the target audience usually won't feel confident enough in the company or the product to make a purchase. 


We Provide the Best Creatives and the Best Quality Contents

Creative & Media Alliance is a specialist copywriting company, established three years ago. It is owned and operated by Cm_a, and writers who know that good is more than just clever words; it's about owning the outcome of every sentence.






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CMA CAPITAL - Brand Consulting


  • CMA - CAPITAL   Brand Consulting our new venture.
  • Cm_a Capital
     Brand Consulting
    An overseas outsourcing firm.
    Our Strategy focus arenas: positioning, segmentation, advertising strategy, corporate and product naming, company branding, brand name development, naming research, brand equity measurement, pricing, sales systems and research, product development, brand development, brand strategy, product concept testing, identifying opportunities, positioning, customer satisfaction research and customer loyalty building.
    WE serve: Consumer Products, Consumer Durables, Financial, Services, Healthcare, Travel & Consumer Services, Public Utilities & Energy, and Retail
    Software, Industrial manufacturing, Telecommunications, Technology, Venture Capital Firms….

  • Our Rates Are Affordable

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    Our Corporate Philosophy

    An Affordable Service for Everyone, without Compromising Quality
    A blend of Indepth Research & Original Contents...Never before in An Affordable Rate

      Cm_a is funded by CMA Global Investment Bank.(CMAGIB)

    Our portfolio till now.

    1. Cm_a Contentlab ( Creative & Content )

    2. Cm_a Capital ( Brand Consulting )


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